March 31 – April 30 - Breaking the Glass Ceiling – The Sky’s the Limit Art Exhibit at Del Ray Artisans Gallery

“Breaking the Glass Ceiling – The Sky’s the Limit” reflects on the metaphor “breaking the glass ceiling”, pushing through a tough, not quite invisible barrier that keeps many from reaching their full potential or their dreams beyond a certain level in a hierarchy or in society. Breaking glass, breaking barriers, reaching beyond traditional boundaries, stretching beyond one’s own and society’s current limits, only accepting the limits of an endless sky have been a theme for many artists and reflect a very current theme.

3 - 26 Mar - Through the Looking Glass, Del Ray Artisans Gallery

Del Ray Artisans welcomes the strange, odd, and out of perspective: fish eye lens, mirror images, strange colors, impossible structures, pigs that fly, animals that dance. Through The Looking Glass is an ode to the childhood cult classic with a personal twist.

24 Mar - 6 May - Artomatic Crystal City - 1800 S. Bell Street

Artomatic returns for its signature art event drawing hundreds of artists and performers throughout the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area for a six week,  free exhibition that routinely attracts thousands of visitors.

- I have a wall of 5 windows on the 6th floor.  I am located in the same space as the bar and stage.  Please stop by!

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